Flight Simulator Cockpit Flight Simulator Cockpit challenges without limits, through the magical journey, feel the thrill of the critical point, stand up and challenge all kinds of thrilling and exciting experiences. Every nerve-tight state is immersive and immersively blends into the character to restore the realistic mood, and truly feel the thrill of the deep sea diving. A thrilling alpine bungee jumping fantasy space… extreme series of sports, a once-in-a-life time. NameFlight Simulator Cockpit TypeVR Flight Simulator SizeL2200*W1200*H1150mm Power2.0kw Voltage220V Weight210kg Flight Simulator Cockpit Highlight: 1.Novel and exciting experience Hands-on joystick control experience rapid rise, weight loss, rapid displacement, rapid turn, left and right swing, front and rear tilt, 360掳 rotation and other motion simulation effects 2.Create an atmosphere, attracting popularity External HD display, synchronized game screen, attracting interest from potential players nearby. About Us: There are over 1000 鈥淔un Space鈥漋R Theme Park successfully built since the VR Experience Pavilion has been proposed. They are 30% in China and 70% in foreign countries. Among them, the foreign countries mainly in USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, such as America, Italy, Germany, England, Japan, UAE ect.Vr Motion Simulator manufacturers website: