Viewing angle Car Rear View Camera provide a healthy horizontal viewing angle. Mounting This is the defining feature for most rear-view cameras. It can be done is several ways, so take at look at the rear of your vehicle before you select a camera. Here are the mounting styles to consider: License plate mounting Some cameras fit into a matching license plate frame while others take the more universal approach with a strap mount. This strap-mounted rear-view cam fastens over your license plate using the existing screws. Lip mounting If you have an inset area on the rear of your car, chances are you can use an angled lip-mount camera which is a little more subtle than the license plate mount. Bracket mounting This style takes the most universal approach, providing an adjustable bracket that lets you mount your camera wherever you see fit. Vehicle-specific mounting Some brands offer brackets that replace or fit into factory parts for a near-perfect match to your vehicle. Be sure to enter your vehicle information to see if there's an option for your vehicle. Related Products ETY-I806 Adjustable external infrared car rear view camera ESH-8066 LED car rear view camera for Nissan ESH-8134 HD car rear view camera for Fordlow price Car Camera For Buick website:http://www.autoaicamera.com/car-specific-camera/car-camera-for-buick/