1.The first sand frame is a rubber roller with a diameter of 280mm, and the eccentric shaft structure is adjusted according to the particle size of different abrasive belts; 2.The second sand frame is a graphite pressure pad structure (or a 280 mm diameter rubber roller) and is finely polished. 3.The domestic leading technical worktable conveying table ensures uniform sanding thickness and the speed range is 4-20m/min. 4.The light control belt swings, the belt swing range is 10-15mm. 5.Microcomputer digital controller. The conveying workbench adopts microcomputer digital control, button-type control, precise setting and easy operation; the upper and lower limits of the inlet and the worktable have safety protection measures. 6.Automatic shutdown protection. A limited position switch (light control) is installed on both sides of the belt to prevent the belt from running away from the normal trajectory. When the belt breaks and runs off, the machine automatically stops to ensure personal safety. 7.Brown brush to clean the workpiece dust Technical Parameters Main motor (KW)22.15 Workbench lift motor (KW)0.37 Brown brush motor (KW)0.37 Maximum processing width (MM)1300 Maximum processing thickness (MM)100 Belt size (MM)1330*2100 Feeding speed(m/min,stepless speed regulation)4-18 Vacuum port (quantity)5 Dust suction port diameter (MM)160 Weight (Kg)≈4000-4200 Sanding Machine price website:http://www.sdyde.com/sanding-machine/