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    Auto Seal Shrink Contraction Description:
    The fully automatic L type vertical sealing and shrinking machine is a new type of automatic shrink packaging machine with high degree of automation. It can automatically complete the steps of feeding, filming, sealing and shrinking, and the packaging speed can reach 10-40 packs/minute, supporting POF film, PE film and other heat shrinkable film. The heat shrinkable packaging result is not wrinkled, requires no personnel to operate and has the high work efficiency.
    This shrink machine is widely used in mass production of printing, color boxes, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames, medicine, electronics, daily chemicals, cosmetics, automobile parts, hardware, food industries, etc.
    Full Auto Vertical Sealing Machine Specification:
    Style Number: FLB-4555AC
    The Voltage: 220 V / 50 HZ
    Power Plant: 2.5kw
    Net Weight: 450 kg
    Sealing Machine Dimension: L1800 *W1200*H1570 (mm)
    Seal Cutter Size: L450 *W550 (mm)
    Packing Product Size Range: L (100 ~ 500) * W (60 ~ 360) * H (5 ~ 140) mm
    Packing Speed: 10-40 (packs/min)
    Thermo Shrinkable Tunnel Specification:
    Style Number: RS-4530P
    Voltage: 3PH/380V
    Power Unit: 16.8KW
    Net Weight: 290kg
    Machine Overall Size: L1800 *W700*H1560 (mm)
    Shrinking Tunnel Size: L1500 *W450*H300 (mm)
    Max Package Size: L1200*W350*H260 (mm)
    Packing Speed: 0-15 meters/minute
    We reserved the rights to improve the parameters, the final data may change.
    Our Clients:
    FUSHIDE provide the most professional packaging solutions and the best packaging machines for customers all over the world!
    Experience and markets
    Our factory has more than 20years working experiences on selling and producing packing machinery. Products are well sailed all over the world like Swiss, Australia, Korea, Japan, Indonesia etc, got many compliments from customers.
    Frequently Asked Question:
    1. Are you a manufacturer?
    – Yes, we have been in the packaging machine field for more than 10 years. Our factory is located at Xiamen, China.
    2. Can your products be customized?
    -Yes, we have a professional team which has rich experience in packing equipments, so we’ll try our best to satisfy your requirements.
    3. Can we visit your factory before place the order?
    -Yes, warmly welcome that must be nice to set up good relationship for business.
    4. How far is your factory from the airport and train station?
    – From airport about 40 minutes by car, and from train station about 20 minutes. We can pick up you.Automatic Packing Machine manufacturers

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