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    Vortex Compressed Air Flow Meter
    Product NameVortex flow meter
    Nominal diameterDN15-DN300,DN150~DN2000 can use the insertion vortex flowmeter, and the big caliber is more suitable for insertion type.
    Scope of applicationGases (air, oxygen, nitrogen, gas, natural gas, chemical gas, etc.), liquids (water, high temperature water, oil, food liquid, chemical liquid, etc.), steam (saturated steam, superheated steam)
    Medium temperature-40掳C~250掳C,-40掳C~350掳C,-40掳C~400掳C
    Nominal pressure鈮?.6MPa 鈮?.5MPa 鈮?MPa Special pressure can be customized
    Accuracy levelLiquid 0.5%
    Gas, steam 1.5%
    insertion type 2.5%
    Medium velocity rangeLiquid:0.6~6m/s,Gas:5~60m/s,steam:5~70m/s.
    Output SignalVoltage pulse,4-20mA Current output,HART Agreement,RS485.
    Converter power supplyVoltage pulse output:+12VDC, 4~20mA Current output:+24VDC; Live LCD display:3.6V1 No. 1 lithium battery power supply, the service life is more than 2 years
    Ambient temperatureVoltage pulse output:-30掳C~+65掳C, 4~20mA Current output:-10掳C~+55掳C;
    Live LCD display:-25掳C~+55掳C
    Body material1Cr 18Ni 9Ti (Other materials according agreement to supply)
    Product Feature
    In accordance with the different output signals can be divided into pulse output mode sensor and the standard current output of the transmitter.Buy Vortex Flow Meter

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