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    CP-S650CC is a 1 color of flexo inline printing of thermal paper slitter for the roll of Thermal Paper, Fax Paper, Cash Register Paper, POS Paper, Computer Bill, Medical Record Paper, ATM Receipt, Lottery and so on.
    This is a latest premium product that we have developed, it has the integrated function of both printing and slitting, equipped with the latest automatic controlling system, one-button controlling, easy to operate. The entire machine is equipped with cast iron frame panel and chassis, operates steadily.
    Width of paper-roll650mm
    Max. unreeling diameter1200mm
    Max. reeling diameter250mm
    Max. diameter of the printing roller16inch
    Min. diameter of the printing roller8inch
    Slitting width>20mm
    Production speed120m/min
    Reeling spindle8~50mm
    Power input9KW
    1. High quality printing result. high positioning accuracy, double side printing, printing and slitting done in one round.
    2. Drying: Hot wind drying.
    3. Slitting accuracy, speedy, neatly slitting edge.
    4. Automatic tension controlling, adjustable tightness of paper rolling.
    5. Pneumatic paper feeding, air-expansion shaft.
    6. Automatic coding.
    7. Automatic metering, pneumatic conveying waste discharge.
    8. PLC controlling, step-less variable frequency speed regulator.
    Q: What Is the Printing Speed for the Slitter with 1 Color or 2 Color Flexo Printing?
    A: Max Printing Speed Can be 250m/min
    Q: Does the Slitter with 1 Color Can Print Front Face?
    A: Yes, the Slitter Can Print Both Front and Back Face by Changing the Way of the Paper Pass for 1 Color Printing
    Q: Does the Slitter Can Make ” Jump” Printing( Some Part with Printing Some Part With Not Printing)?
    A: Yes, Our Slitter Has the Function of 鈥淛ump” Printing
    Q: Does the Slitter With Drier Unit?
    A: Infrared Drier Unit is Optional Unit, 1 Color or 2 Color Can Choose This Optional Unit
    Q: Could I choose other color, it seems red is not good look?
    A: Sure, this red machine is specially asked by customer, we can do the color as per your requirement if you can let us know the panton no..China Thermal Paper Printing Machine factory

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