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    Hello, we are a modemizd and professional elevator &escalator group which integrates the design,development manfacturing, sales, installation, and maintenance into a whole. We are becoming a R&D center with specialized divsion and cooperation for elevator&escalator.
    Our main products include Passenger Iift, freight Iift panoramc Iift,hosptal Iift, car lift,escalator and autowalk /movng sidewalk, Elevator with machine room and machine room less, speed from 0. 5m/s to 10 0m/s Escalator with VVVF drive and smart sensor control. They are applicable for residence,business buildings, factores, shopping centers, airports, bus stations and other places.
    Our elevator &escalator control technology comes from Japan the United and Germany, it is very precise and efficient but operations is simple, it can be mastered by engineers easily. Our mechanical design techenology is advanced and can be fitting to different requirements from customers.
    Most of our parts suppliers are the biggest parts manufacturer in China even in the world.i. e. Our gearless motor from XIZI Forward, Bluelight, KDS, Montanari, Torin; Our gear motor from XNDA, Torin; Our contol system from Monarch, STEP, Bluelight, Our door operator from Shenlnig,ouling, Eshine, Wittur etc, all of them are the leading enterprise in elevator and escalator parts industry in the world.
    Our intemation business is developing in around 50 oversea states and areas including, Middle-east area, Africa, South-east Asia Wast Asia. Mongolia, Australia, Europe, North and south America, most of elevators and escalators which had been installed are running very well.
    We strive to generate long term retums for customers by conducing our business in a profitable responsible and transparent manner.
    A lifecycle business model for the long term business model is based on a lifecycle approach. We provide customers with solutions for the entire lifetime of their elevators and escalators, staring from new equipment instalation, Regular mantenance is required to keep equipment running smoothly, an once it ages, modemization is typically also needed.
    Our foremost economic responsibility is to our customers. With our solutions, we bring signiicant added value to our customers and end users. Sustain-able economic performance also brings valuable and lasting benefits to agents, distributors, employees, suppliers and communities as a whole.Freight Lift

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