High Pressure And High Temperature Safety Valve suppliers

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    Our History
    Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd was founded in 1984, which located in Dongou industrial zone, Oubei town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Province-the famous Chinese Capital of Pumps and Valves. In former, Luofu was named“Zhejiang Luofu Boiler Accessories Factory”. Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd has rich experience in design and manufacture. The enterprise has made active and established good reputation in the valve industry. In order to ensure products quality, our company constantly deepen the internal management and enhance quality sense of staff. Since in 1997, our company obtained successively the certifications of “International Standard Qualification”, Special Equipment Manufacturing License”,“CE Certification”,”ISO 9001 Quality System”etc.. Until now, our products have been sold well all over the world, specially Russia, Europe, America and the Middle East etc. We always adhere to the principle “Processing Excellence and Human Centered”, and rebounding vast customers for our great kindness with advanced technology, scientific management, high quality and excellent service.
    Our Factory
    The Company now has a plant area of 13,000 square meters, with a floor area of 14,700 square meters, being equipped with 200 sets/units of various mechanical processing equipment (including a processing center), 23 sets/units of testing equipment (including safety valve delivery inspection test bench), one safety valve full-performance testing device, with a maximum caliber of DN200/8”, and a maximum pressure of 10MPa/600Lb.
    Our Product
    Pressure Safety Valve, Breather Valve,Control Valve
    Product Application
    Urban construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, environmental protection.
    Our Certificate
    ISO 9001 quality certificate, API Certificate, CE Certificate, Manufacture License of Special Equipment etc.
    Production Equipment
    Magnetic particle fault detector, Enos spectrometer, Universal testing machine, carbon and sulfur analyzer, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray detector, spring tension and compression testing machine, helium mass spectrometer leak testing equipment and other equipment for testing materials coming into the plant.
    Production Market
    our company has established good cooperative relations with Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd., PetroChina East China Investigation and Design Institute, China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd., China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd., Hualu Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Daqing Petrochemical Design Institute, Shengli Oil Institute, Fushun Petrochemical Design Institute and other relevant units, and signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with the refinery projects and ethylene projects of subordinate units of PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC.
    Our service
    Customer Service
    The Sales Department will reply the routine or technical questions from customers within four hours after receiving the questions, and within one day for special products. The product bidding time meet customer requirements; if necessary, product outline drawing, performances, specifications, main components, the standards adopted, product descriptions and other related materials can be attached to the response letter to the inquiry.
    Service in the manufacturing process
    In the case of mass production or when requested by customers, we can invite customers to the factory to monitor and re-examine the manufacturing process; if not required, we will compile the record files based on the physical and chemical testing on the raw materials coming into the factory, special inspection process, finished product delivery inspection and other inspections.
    After-sales Service
    Each product is shipped with the product manual (a CD containing information on product manufacturing, testing, use, installation, and maintenance will be provided when conditions allow). If customers require or if it is stipulated in the contract, the product will be tested and installed on site or on the customer’s premises. The company can send technicians to provide field guidance (a reasonable fee will be charged).
    Upon the receipt of customer’s complaints about product quality
    a. We will address your problem within 4 hours, to understand and determine the solution.
    b. We will reach the scene within 24 hours (if the local region has our distributors, service network or if the transportation conditions allow).
    c. If it is the problem of product quality, the service charges will be borne by our company; otherwise, the service charges have to be paid by the user.
    d. If a purchase error is caused by the customer, the company will offer free exchange for other products.
    Quality Service
    1. Valve products provided by the company are all designed, manufactured, and connected in strict accordance with GB/T12221-89, GB/T9112, ANSI B 16.10, JB/T74-94, GB/T9113, and HGJ44 standards, or according to user requirements; for the tests, we implement the GB/T13927-92, JB/T9092, API1598-1996 standards.
    2. All our valve products being delivered are in compliance with the national and ministerial standard requirements in terms of structural design, parts and materials, valve body wall thickness and other items.
    3. Our valve products are provided with a warranty period 12 months. If quality defects of the product are found during the warranty period, the company is responsible for three guarantees (i.e. repair, replace, return), and will pay the round-trip shipping fees.High Pressure And High Temperature Safety Valve suppliers

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