Precision Filter

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    The precision filter (also known as Ultrafilter) is made of stainless steel, with PP melt blowing, line burning, folding, titanium filter core and activated carbon filter core as filter elements. Different filter elements are selected according to different filter media and design process to achieve the water quality.
    It is suitable for various fields, such as medicine, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment and so on, which is used for solid liquid separation of various suspending liquid, with high environmental requirements and high filtration precision.
    Performance characteristics:
    (1) High filtration precision and uniform diameter of filter core
    (2) Filter resistance is small, flux is large, sewage interception ability is strong, and service life is long.
    (3) Filter material has high cleanliness and no pollution to filter medium.
    (4) The filter core is acidproof, alkali-resisting and resistant other chemical solvents.
    (5) Large strength, high temperature resistance, filter core is not easy to deform.
    (6) Low Price, low running cost, easy to clean, and filter cartridge can be replaced.
    1. The filter should be combined with the principle of “ccoarse-to-precise”, and the order should not be reversed.
    2. The actual compressed air flow through the filter, pressure and temperature can not exceed the specified value of the nameplate.
    3. Attention should be paid to the location of the inlet and outlet of the filter when installing.
    4. The installation of the filter is perpendicular to the ground.There is a certain height from the ground to facilitate the exchange of filter cartridges.Precision Filter

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