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    Product Description
    The new gas mold temperature machine is a tailor-made heating source for hot presses of sheet companies. Its technical content, quality standards, and actual results are at the leading level. For enterprises in the production process to solve the real difficulties, make it more energy-efficient, environmental protection and safety.
    Intelligent Mold Temperature Machine features: energy saving, environmental protection, safe, fast heating, the use of German production controller, the use of more secure. The use cost is 50% of the ordinary boiler or so, by the vast number of users with a high degree of evaluation.

    Features of Gas Mold Temperature Machine
    1. Using the principle of secondary combustion, the maximum temperature can reach 300 degrees. The maximum heating power of 280 KW makes it warm up faster, which greatly shortens the heating time.
    2. Adopting imported patent ignition system from Germany
    3. Use a coil diameter of 57mm, so that the pipeline resistance is smaller, reducing the inlet temperature difference.
    4. Using stainless steel hot air recovery system, higher recovery efficiency.
    5. The exhaust temperature is lower and the service life is longer.
    6. In order to minimize the impact on the production process, the self-circulation function has been added.
    7. The debugging operation is more convenient, and the equipment enters the normal production stage as soon as possible after installation.
    8. The single-sheet, double-stick fuel gas cost can be reduced to about 0.6 yuan, which is about 60% less than that of ordinary gas boilers.
    9. It adopts intelligent control and is equipped with flow, pressure and temperature detection and control functions. It does not need special guards to save manpower cost.
    Advantages of Gas Mold Temperature Machine
    The exhaust gas emission of the new gas-fired mold temperature machine meets the exhaust gas emission standards of the car, and is in full compliance with the national environmental protection requirements.
    The equipment has a small footprint and can be used with a press machine with zero boundaries to achieve high thermal efficiency and save the operating costs of the plant.Press Accessories

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